Revolutionizing Innovation in the Caribbean: The Launch of Punta Bergantín Innovation Hub

The Dominican Republic is making significant strides towards becoming a global innovation center with the recent unveiling of the Punta Bergantín Innovation Hub. Termed “Silicon Beach,” this initiative is set to become the Caribbean’s epicenter for entrepreneurship and technological advancement.


Nestled close to Puerto Plata, a major tourist destination, the project was introduced by President Luis Abinader as part of a broader development strategy, highlighting strong public-private sector cooperation. The leadership of the Hub embodies this partnership, featuring a mix of private sector leaders and government officials. Dr. Franklyn Holguín Haché takes the helm as president, with Jonathan Bournigal Read serving as vice president.


This innovation hub aims to employ a “quadruple helix” model that integrates government, business, academia, and community, to foster human capital and build a robust infrastructure for nurturing innovative ideas and enterprises.


Under the guidance of Dr. Holguín Haché, the initiative aims not only to cultivate local talent but also to position the Dominican Republic as a desirable location for international tech events, conferences, and investments. The hub focuses on several key areas including digital education, research and development, and entrepreneurship. It plans to train over 10,000 tech talents and create incubators and accelerators to attract and support digital nomads and entrepreneurial teams.


Beyond the hub, the Punta Bergantín project itself is poised to be a significant source of employment, with expectations to generate over 15,000 new jobs. The project spans nearly nine million square meters and includes facilities such as luxury hotels, residential units, a top-notch golf course, public beach clubs, and advanced film studios. High-profile partnerships are already in place for hotel development, including agreements with the Puntacana Group, Grupo Martinón, and Karisma Hotels.


Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Punta Bergantín project, with a focus on environmentally responsible technologies and preserving the natural beauty of the region. The project also emphasizes academic contributions to sustainability and innovation.


With its strategic location and rich resources, the Punta Bergantín Innovation Hub is set to transform the Dominican Republic into a leading destination for technology and entrepreneurship, promising a brighter, more innovative future for the Caribbean region.