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Moon Garden comprises 192 exclusive residences strategically positioned alongside the tranquil central lake of Coral Golf Resort, establishing itself as a prominent landmark within the surroundings. Crafted by the renowned Spanish architecture firm Morph, this development presents an impeccable blend of well-being, leisure, and refined opulence.

Immerse yourself in Moon Garden: Luxury, Panoramic Views and an Unmatched Lifestyle

Each unit boasts stunning vistas of the lake and golf course, accompanied by a plethora of meticulously curated amenities aimed at elevating the residential experience. From the sophisticated entrance foyer to the fitness center, spa, and dining venue, every aspect has been meticulously considered to deliver an exceptional quality of life.

Furthermore, amenities encompass a Sport Bar for communal gatherings, a pet park, an outdoor gym for maintaining an active lifestyle, and a rejuvenating swimming pool adjacent to a children's pool for family enjoyment.

La Coralina and the Paseo Pedestrian provide recreational spaces, while the parking lot ensures convenience and accessibility. In essence, the Moon Garden Project epitomizes a residential sanctuary offering not just architectural elegance, but also a comprehensive and exclusive lifestyle experience.

    192 Homes
    192 Homes

      1 - 2 -3 Bedrooms
      1 - 2 -3 Bedrooms

        Exclusive Restaurants
        Exclusive Restaurants

          Pool View
          Pool View

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          Moon Garden, composed of an array of exclusive residences, sits strategically adjacent to the tranquil central lake of Coral Golf Resort, establishing itself as a unique landmark within the surroundings. Crafted by the esteemed Spanish architecture studio Morph, this endeavor presents an impeccable blend of wellness, entertainment, and serene luxury.



          Each home boasts distinctive layouts, enveloped in sunlight and seamlessly linked to shared amenities. This low-rise building approach fosters harmonious integration with the surrounding environment, facilitating the creation of both private retreats and communal outdoor spaces.

          Coral Golf Resort

          Versatile area for various athletic activities.

          192 Units

          Diverse culinary spots offering delightful cuisine.

          1,2 and 3 Accommodations

          Hub for retail therapy and unique finds.

          Pool View

          Expansive 59,055.118 sq ft aquatic facility.

          Exclusive Restaurants

          Scenic pathway embracing nature's tranquility.

          Dog Park

          Courts designed for competitive and leisure play.


          Oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.


          State-of-the-art fitness center for all levels.

          Golf Course

          Exclusive gathering space with premium amenities.

          Project Location

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